11 September 2008

A feedback on 71-452 (70-452) exam: Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

I sat on that beta exam yesterday and here are some points:
  • There are 75 questions and the time is 3 hours which is a bit tight
  • Unlike 70-446, there is no case scenario and all questions are standalone (not related to each other)
  • Many data mining questions. Mostly about choosing the best algorithm.
  • A few around upgrading and migration strategy
  • Many questions about new features in SQL 2008, like CDC, MERGE, …
  • From the name of exam, I expected to see more “Design” related questions, but there were many development questions which I think they could be moved to the TS exam (70-448)

As usual I recommend you to have a look at the topics here and work on those that you are not familiar with.

I must wait for few weeks to get the result. Fingers crossed!


  1. Took the exam today too and completely agree with you, I expected more design questions. I only do BI work on the sides and thus im more of a TS but surprisingly I answered most of the questions (if not right I at least had an idea). Good for my chances but it looks like the standard of the exam is a bit lower than other PRO exams :)

  2. Ryan,

    Hopefully they change the theme of exam and add more design level questions.

    Good luck!