30 July 2008

A feedback on beta exam 71-448 (70-448)

I'm just coming back from MS beta exam 71-448 (TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance). There were too many questions (70!) and the time was around 3 hours which was more than enough.

It was a bit disappointing that not many questions were specifically related to SQL Server 2008 new features -not even 5 questions were specific to that!- so if you don't know much about the new features, don't worry!

SSAS: · many admin tasks · a few MDX · dimension settings · attribute properties · performance monitoring and tuning · using profiler for monitoring user roles · cube processing options · deployment options · setting permission

SSRS: · security · backup the SSRS database · setting parameters · assembly file · custom control · failover environment

SSIS: · a few questions around SSIS package configuration · transaction · a couple of Foreach loop (file)

Data Mining: · a few DMX questions

In total it was not tough if you have passed the 70-445 (SQL 2005) exam, you just need to review the topics from Microsoft website and play around the topics that you haven’t had chance to work on them.

Good luck!

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  1. Hello Iman,
    Thanks for your review on 71-448.
    I take the 71-448 beta exam on SQL2008 BI, and I agree with your opionion that if one has passed the 71-445 he or she will be able to pass the 71-448 exam.
    As I remember, first 50 questions were gathered as about 10 SSIS, 25 SSAS and 15 SSRS. And the last 20 was from all three.

    I'm also adding my remembering from the exam at my blog at http://www.kodyaz.com/blogs/software_development_blog/archive/2008/07/02/2897.aspx
    I'm waiting for the exam results :)