01 December 2007

Microsoft Office PPS 2007 - beta exam

A few weeks ago, I sat for a Microsoft beta exam 71-556 "TS: Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007, Application Development".

Some exam topics from our memory (myself and my colleague Lisset):
  • Refresh rate Interval - (PPSAddInforExcel.chm)
  • Assignment rule, allocation rules - PEL Syntax
  • Rule set types and rule types - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • PSSAddinforExcel.dll
  • Review all the help - (PPSAddInforExcel.chm) - is small and there are different questions about it. (e.g. parameters)
  • Business Roles – administrative Roles. Very clear what to do which each one. Security and roles - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Update member property - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Current Time period - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Association- (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Member set- (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Installing the PPS (Clean Installation)
  • Building the Reports, defining filters, show the leaf members, link the reports in worksheet (PPSAddInforExcel.chm)
  • Generic models, sub sites, Associations - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Workflow, setup roles, modify the existing workflow - (PPSAddInforExcel.chm, PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Creating Data Sources, DSN
  • Create an association to move data between models PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Assumption models - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Defining a SCOPE statement - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)
  • Data Integration: Sync the staging DB, Loading data from staging to application database - (PPSPlanningBusinessModelerHelp.chm)

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